During the current Coronavirus crisis, we have been asked by the Government to practice ‘social distancing’. This is so that we can try and minimise the risk of contracting and spreading Coronavirus. We are now encouraged to work from home and avoid face to face contact with others. Shaking hands is undoubtedly off the list.

These are unprecedented times and the Government guidance means that going about our daily lives is now more difficult. We need some outside of the box thinking to find solutions to the problems that Coronavirus is presenting.

However, it is at times like this when we might need more reassurance about our financial security. The stock markets and the pound have taken a beating since the first case of Coronavirus arrived in the UK. As a result, individuals are understandably concerned about what this could mean for their pensions and investments.

Companies who were not already digitally enabled are now desperately scrabbling around to find solutions to ensure business continuity. Not here at Bread and Butter Advice! We have been offering financial advice online or over the phone since 2013. We already have the technology in place to provide financial advice to our clients remotely.


Bread and Butter Advice offer friendly, regulated, financial advice. If you need a financial health check, we can help.  For a free consultation with one of our Financial Advisers, please call us on 0800 0151 069 or you can e-mail enquiries@breadandbutteradvice.co.uk