Dear Client


So here we go again…Lockdown 3. It’s a bit like those film sequels, they can never quite repeat the magic of the first one.


You’ll be glad to know, that we at Bread and Butter Advice are still active. Our advisory, and technical support staff are beavering away behind the scenes. For several months now a combination of home and office work has become the norm. Don’t be backwards in coming forward to speak to your financial planner.


Investment markets have greatly recovered since Lockdown 1. There is a lot of optimism building up in the fund management world. This has been stimulated by the imminent change in USA leadership, the new COVID vaccines and in the UKs case, a BREXIT deal.


As frustrating as Lockdown 3 is, I still see Easter (first week of April) as the turning point. Till then take extra care of yourself, and your loved ones.


Kindest Regards